End-To-End Contract Brewing

Our services are designed to cater to your every brewing need. To us, we know a powerful product goes beyond the brewery. 

Contract <br>Brewing Contract

Our state-of-the-art brewhouses make production and cellaring a mastery. Our top-tier machinery and facilities ensure a quality product and seamless process. And our capabilities go beyond beer. We can make coffee, tea, water, soda, cider, energy drinks, RTDs, distilling, mead, and so much more. 

Packaging<br>Services Packaging

Let us help you get your beverage into the right hands. No matter your drink of choice, Brew Theory can ensure your containers make a great impression every single time. Plus, our packaging services are so efficient and easy, they allow you to sit back, relax, and crack open a cold one yourself. 

Merchandise <br>Branding Merchandise

With a beverage as good as yours, people will want to brag about it. Give them what they want with merchandise that tells a story, builds relationships with your consumers, and grow your business over and over again. 

Distributor <br>Networking Distributor

We want your beverage on every shelf, in every restaurant, and in your favorite stores. That's why our Distributor Networking capabilities go above and beyond to provide a transparent, accountable system that connect your great products to those who crave it most. 

Sales/Marketing <br>Consulting Sales/Marketing

If you're ready to do more for your business, our Sales and Marketing expertise can help you dream, strategize, execute and grow through a variety of avenues. In a fast-paced world, we can help you connect with the people who will nourish into raving fans of your products. 

Tap Into Genius.

Got a theory for an amazing brew? Whether you are a hyperlocal, statewide, or even regional brand looking to maximize your brand's growth and logistics, Brew Theory is your one-company solution offering end-to-end contract brewing with packaging and distribution services.

  • Full Contract Packaging
  • Greater Efficiency
  • All-In-One Services
  • Tasty Custom Brew

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